With every FFA Milk Bottle purchased you are helping a student get closer to their goals


Having served in the agriculture business we understand and care for the future of our industry.

What better way to give back than by creating a program that allows students from the FFA to realize their goals.

About Us

American Farm Bottle Company came to fruition

from the need to help FFA students raise the much needed funds to purchase their FFA Jackets and pay for trips to the much coveted National FFA Convention & Expo. 

Over the past several years we have judged several state and local fairs for FFA students. We realized quickly that a lot of the students have lofty goals, but the road is challenging.  Despite the challenging road they are very innovative and hard working entrepreneurs.  

These students seek leadership and ways to earn money

in order to reach their goals of getting their FFA jackets and enough money to get to the National FFA convention. Without a quality and successful fundraising program that is specific to the FFA, this goal is unattainable for most.  

We designed a program in conjunction with the FFA

to specifically target the needs of the students which will be their signature. This collector’s edition pint milk bottle filled with hot chocolate or Ice blended coffee will have the FFA insignia printed on the bottle. Add the milk of your choice and enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa, while fully embodying the spirit of agriculture and the spirit of the FFA student.  This fundraiser is exlusive to the students of the FFA

IN memory of Brian John Hanna sr

Brian "Senor" Hanna

*Honorary State Degree Recipient*

A huge supporter of the FFA. He came to the realization, while judging at local FFA events, the need to put together a fundraising program specific to the FFA. The goal was to benefit the future of agriculture, FFA students, and to make their goals a reality. Brian founded American Farm Bottle Company for the sole purpose of this misson. His motto was "Make your FFA goals a reality". American Farm Bottle Company will continue his legacy, and generosity, to help as many students as possible, and to do our part to support the FFA and agriculture communites.